Interactive App I designed that documents the invention of photography. Was really fun to make and looks great in use.


As part of Innovate, Consolidate and Collaborate project we collaborated with architecture students. The aim was to finds improvements us graphic design students could make and see how each other work and think. Our architect Daniel, designed a music school to be built in Poole. His inspiration came from boat building and the Bauhaus design era. Analysing his (very clearly laid out and consistent) workbook and existing models we found some issues. Daniel seemed to focus heavily on materials and lost his concept and the building’s purpose towards the end. We felt his 3D renders of his building looked great but his model didn’t do it justice.

We decided to make a new wire frame structure that would act as a basis for Daniel to grasp back his concept and focus on the purpose of the building. View our full write up here.

View the project blog with more information and images here.

Exploring semiotics that signified being open or closed. My first idea was centered around a home ware shop that could put mugs in their shop front display. The other looked at a TV shop that could have colour bars to represent being closed.

Quick day project where we had to show a clash visually. It could be anything that opposed something else, literal or metaphoric. We chose to visually represent the clash between appearance and behavior by dressing smart to dine in a kebab shop.


Further to our group identity, we had to organise a student visit to a creative agency of our choosing. The aim of this was to prepare ourselves for the real world and begin making contacts. Magpie are a graphic design agency that specialize in branding.

Their manifesto is to speak in black and white,  but think in colour.  Myself and four others met with Jamie Ellul one of the three creative directors to talk design, life and internships. It was really insightful and Jamie gave us lots of advice and his opinion on graduates. Seeing how a company works was really great and definitely made me think more about my future.

View the presentation on Magpie we gave to our class here.

Quick group project where we had to create a group identity. We to use chose our birthdays and merge them into the date we formed (3/10/12). The concept was that the date would tick over from the date we formed to ‘today’.